Dental Laboratory Services

ADVANCED CERAMICS is not your typical cookie-cutter dental laboratory with a one-size-fits-all strategy.

All our work is produced in-house by a highly skilled and trained master dental technician. We pride ourselves on maintaining open communication channels with our doctors, which means that the owner/master dental technician working on the case and doctor are able to plan and discuss the case from beginning to end, whether it’s a cosmetic veneer case or complex implant PFM restoration.

Ultra Translucent Zirconia

Commitment to Excellence

We proudly follow an excellence-oriented and case-centered approach.


Our doors are open and dental offices communicate exclusively with the experienced and professionally trained technician who performs all the work exclusively and completely on-site.


We apply restorative strategies when needed.


We plan each case meticulously and adapt to the needs of the dental office.


We offer superior technical support and guidance in material choices for different case indications.

On Time

Our pick-ups and deliveries are consistently on time.

We Use Quality Products

We use quality products such as:

– C.A.P. Ultra High Translucent (CUBEX) for superior anterior and posterior restorations;
– LUMINESS AT Ultra High Translucent Zirconia for full contours and frameworks;
– SAGEMAX Bio Ceramics HT;
– IMAGINE high translucent zirconia by Jensen Industries;
– TENAKA Multi Layered STML Zirconia;

– E-MAX Press LT & HT;

Obsidian Lithium Silicate


CERA SMART (Ceramic Nano Hybrid Material by GC America)

Our Products

Ultra High Translucent

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